How to become a Confident Rider

How to become a Confident Rider

Do you find yourself making excuses not to ride?

Are you stuck in the arena?

Do you get nervous/anxious before riding/competing?

This book will help you to understand your feelings and give you strategies to deal with them.

Christine shares with you the Three Keys to Success based on her successful Confident Rider Workshops. Exercises and case studies are included to help you move forward.

“Throughout my work as a Riding Teacher I am being constantly challenged by, what seems to be, an increasing amount of pupils who lack confidence – particularly adults.

In this excellent book Christine has given us useful tools to help the rider become more confident. Not only does she explain clearly the very essential tool of mental imagery her easy to follow relaxation techniques and ideas for positive goal setting set the rider on the path to once again enjoy their riding.

I recommend this book not only to riders of all ages but also to those who teach riding. It will increase knowledge and understanding therefore having an impact on empathy with pupils.”

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